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Pray 20:7

Praying 20 Minutes a Day, 7 Days a Week

Pray 20:7 in 2021

Ask. Seek. Knock.

Matthew 7:7

Being a House of Prayer means being a people who connect deeply in intimacy with Jesus. Prayer is an invitation to relationship with Jesus. As God's people, we are a people of prayer. Our prayers are of great faith Believing God is big enough to answer our prayers of audacious faith. God hears us and answers according to His will. Let's be a house of prayer that believes God is able to do great things!

Keys to Effective Prayer

  1. Make your goal intimacy with the Father.
  2. Prayer is about God's will, not mine.
  3. Pray with big faith, Believing God will answer.

Engage Your Community in Prayer

How Can I Be Praying?

Monday - Business Leaders

Pray as they have influence over our community. Pray they would have strong families, make wise decisions and hear/respond to the Gospel.

Tuesday - Schools / Teachers / Students

From elementary to college, pray for protection and that God would move in and through our students and faculty. Pray that God would draw students to Himself and for Christian young people to stand firm and be spiritual leaders.

Wednesday - Struggling People

Pray for those in our community that are hurting in a variety of ways. Pray that God would meet their needs and reveal His love and provision.

Thursday - Those Far From God

Pray the Holy Spirit would move in Billings in drawing all people to relationship with Christ and that He would open the eyes of their heart to the love of Christ.

Friday - Law Enforcement / 1st Responders / Military

Pray for those that protect and serve our community and that God would protect them in the line of duty and response. Pray that God would use them to maintain justice.

Saturday - Gracepoint Church

Pray for our church! Pray for unity and strength and that we would be bold to share the love of Jesus and serve our community. Pray God would be glorified and stays the center of all that we do.

Sunday - Yourself / Family / Friends / Neighbors / Circles of Influence

Pray that God would meet your needs and those of your loved ones. Thank God for saving you by grace. Ask Him to give victory, boldness, and remember His love for you and those close to you.

Pray and believe that our God is able to answer all of our prayers within all of the communities that we are actively praying for.