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Share Prayer Requests. Pray for Others. Be a House of Prayer.

At Gracepoint, prayer is our heartbeat. God hears our prayers and answers according to His plan and purpose in our life. God cares about our struggles and burdens, our need for wisdom and direction, and our praise of Him!

It's our privilege to pray for you and with you! Share how we can pray for you this week and also be a part of the house of prayer through the Gracepoint Prayer Wall App!

What's the Prayer Wall App?

The Prayer Wall App is a tool for the church and others to pray faithfully for each other's prayer requests. People are able to submit their prayer requests, see how many people are praying for their requests, and update their own prayer requests. This app provides encouragement to you in knowing that your church is continuously praying for your requests.

Can't download the Prayer Wall app right now but still need to submit a prayer request? Fill out the following so we can be praying for you!