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Second Half Discussion Guide

We Are Stronger & Better Together

The second half of sporting events are the pivotal point of every game. It’s here that teams apply their game plan from what they learned in the first half of the game. Teams find out more about their character, how to use their abilities, and how to persevere through stressful moments. Teams are Stronger Together as they come together.

The second half discussion guide is designed to help your small group take the weekly Gracepoint sermon and begin to apply it in life-changing ways. Our heart is to see your faith in God grow as you apply the truths of the Bible to your everyday life within the context of relationship. Your team of group members becomes Better Together as you meet together and build on the foundation of God’s Word.

Discussion Guide

Let’s Begin…  

Who has been the person who has made the biggest impact or influence in your life? 

Building the Faith Community

Read this weekend’s passage 1 Corinthians 3:1-15.

  • What observations did you make as you read through this Scripture?
  • Who grows God’s people? What part do we play within this growth process?
  • In verse 12, Paul describes building on the foundation of Jesus with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, and straw. What are these materials?
  • What will the fire show about the works that followers of Christ have done?
  • How does this encourage you in being a part of building the spiritual house of God?

How can we build the Church?

1. Commitment to the local community of faith.

2. Discovering and deploying your God-given gifts to be a blessing to the community.

3. Introduce others to Jesus & His family, called the Church.

Being a Builder of the Church

  • Why is committing to being a part of a local church important? What happens to our relationship with God in this commitment?
  • What opposes or distracts you from making this commitment? How can you overcome whatever is making it difficult to commit?
  • How does it encourage you to know that you are committing to a community that Jesus died to, found, and sent His Spirit to fill?
  • What has God uniquely gifted you with? If you aren’t sure, what can you do to find out?
  • How can you be an active steward of the church with your gifts? What happens when you activate the abilities God has blessed you with?
  • How can you introduce others to Jesus and to His family? Who could you ask this week?

Commit today. Use what God has given you to be actively a part of the church. Invite others to join you and see how God will grow His church including you!